The Rise of Dragonspear Castle

Up the River

Keeping the peace in Baldur’s Gate has taken an interesting turn. It looks as if we have gained a member to our small clan and perhaps also an enemy. What interests me most, though is an ally. Perhaps. Densar Melorian, the court wizard of Baldur’s Gate, is of great interest to me. Although I make of him no great wizard, he must be know something (arcane or otherwise) to be able to hold such a position. I have a great interest in learning what I can from him and from the libraries of Baldur’s Gate. I have recently gained the ability of some new spells, and my thirst to know more and grasp more lingers constantly in the back of my mind. I must seek out this Densar and seek his counsel.

Another development, or at least realization, is that the lot of us are now titled landholders, which will open doors to us within the nobility of Baldur’s Gate and elsewhere as we seek to prop up Dragonspear. Certainly friends in high places make for… uneasy fellowships, but we are without much of a place to start and passing ourselves off, however poorly, as nobility is as good a place as any.

But poor, poor Jansyn. I shudder to think of what he has done in the past that made saddling himself to a dullard the best option available. Certainly, though, it will help us. Perhaps hinder as well. It will nonetheless be interesting and amusing to see the fallout from this particular development. He is truly been sent up the river. However, her desire to learn magic may mean that I am set upon the boat as well.

I have also taken to studying the map of the Sword Coast I kept from the fated ship in the Moonshaes. The detail is phenomenal. There are so many places that hold intrigue to me. I am constantly drawn, though, to an area to the north that looks like it was rushed or drawn over on the map. The rest of the map is in such pristine condition, and this area is lacking. It is uncharacteristic.

I hope our time here will be fruitful. If nothing else, it is nice to see city again, however lacking it is in comparison to the splendor of home.


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