The Rise of Dragonspear Castle

Seeing more ways than one!

Captains Log

What have I stepped in?  I was just out make some coin until I picked up the trail of Bosek, the fucker who sent my ship and crew to their watery grave.  Now red wizards, black dragons, dead bitches, and demon lads?  WTF!!

This is a decent fellowship none the less and it has led to some information – a Bosek spotting – if the pirates I ran into weren't yankin me wanker.  

Now we are under this blasted estate talking to dead wenches, fighting every gods damn second, and bleedin a lot more than I care to!

I cant get out of this bloody maze fast enough, and I cant tell how long we have been down here, or if we are even doing anything fars I can tell!

I wonder how the warlock is faring after putting him in that stone grave…he was right pissed out of his heid that one!  



smartindale1970 Grushnak

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