The Rise of Dragonspear Castle

A Shocking Revelation

"I never expected this, it was to be so simple to say the least find the key before the Red Wizard could get her grasp on it. Oh how wrong i was, as we fought our way through two bumbling mercenaries that my half-orc compatriot seemed more than eager to kill, which is nothing new. We made our way through puzzles and almost explored too deep into a crypt which would have had a less than favorable outcome.

As we came to what seemed like a makeshift throne we where greeted by a hooded figure swathed in rich gold cloth  and deep obsidian black wrappings. The entire group seemed paralyzed in the creatures stare, Even for one who has consorted with beings from darker realms i could tell this power was ancient and could end us as soon as we opened out mouths. I was told by the lich to approach and was surprised  by the voice as it was a woman's voice that should have sounded harsh and cold but came off as somewhat familiar. As i got closer in the back of my mind i heard a dark chuckle as if my patron all along knew this was fated to happen and relished in the fear inside of me and the outcome. I was greeted by the shocking truth that this thing was an ancient relative of mine, Me an Amberghoul this was rich and almost to shocking to be true. She explained that my ancestors had consorted with Demons and even set up depraved breeding pits to strengthen the blood of the family  from what i imagine. To think that my home was the product of some damned pact and that everything i lived was a lie shook me to my core. I had no choice but to accept all i heard and was given some strange clockwork animal that could be used to communicate with the lich.

As i sit writing this the rest of the group is off with our new ally or so he seems that we rescued from roasting alive. It is clear to me that they do not trust me or this new truth in general i just hope that they can put this aside in favor of our true goal and not let personal opinions damage our chances. As i am told it is time to go by our cleric i see  off in the distance the shadowy figure of my patron shimmering as only i can see him, a sick smile creeps across his face as i get ready  around to accompany the group. To be truthful I fear i have chosen a path that will lead to none other than damnation.  


“Consorting with the undead and daemons never bodes well. The price one pays is very often their eternal soul…”

Excerpt from the grandiose and exceptionally well received book,
“The Missionary Position – The Trials and Tribulations of a Tempest Cleric vol III.” as penned by Miekkavalas. WaterDeep Publishing, 1489DR

A Shocking Revelation
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