The Rise of Dragonspear Castle

A Different Kind of Fight

As the party prepared to venture into the crypt that took an embarrassingly long time to find an entrance to, Amon collapsed to his knees, grabbed his head, and gritted his teeth in pain.


This had happened only twice before since Amon had come into his powers, since he pledged himself to Dendar.  A mindburst; a sensation that could only be described as his mind being gripped by a molten hand and squeezed.  The pain was incredible and Amon knew that with the pain came a collapse in the mental barriers he had created for himself.  Without those barriers other servants of Dendar would soon come from the Fugue Plane in an attempt to steal from Amon what had been given to him by their mutual master.  He needed to prepare for his own battle, a battle of the minds.  He could not venture into the underground.

Looking at the Half-Orc, Amon uttered a pain-laced request.

"Please… place me into one of the empty crypts, my familiar will watch over me.  If I can, I will follow your trail and join you later."  

Grushnak, not fully understanding what was occurring but clearly seeing Amon in pain carried out the request.  He picked up Amon and placed him into one of the empty Crypts, leaving the door half open as he left Amon to go into the underground catacombs with the rest of the party.

As Amon felt his acquaintance minds move out of range from him, he began his silent meditations.  Jerry-Owl stood watch at the door of the crypt, a spell of shocking grasp ready to bring any intruders to their knees. Amon knew he had only so much time before his rivals came for him and he needed to have his mental barriers prepared.  


Miekkavalas’ Law #612: “When vying with extra-dimensional beings for one’s very mind, it helps to carry a big… fuck it, you are screwed.”

Excerpt from “The Missionary Position and You – Uplifting and Spiritual guidance for a well balanced life.” from the self proclaimed best selling author of “The Missionary Position – The Trials and Tribulations of a Tempest Cleric.” Vols I-XII. As penned by Miekkavalas. WaterDeep Publishing, 1536DR

A Different Kind of Fight
smartindale1970 AE1985

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